Cait & Andy, Tacoma Intimate In-home Engagement

I was thrilled with Cait and Andy announced their engagement! Since I've known them they've both been waiting for that perfect moment when one of them would propose. I totally thought it would be Cait, but Andy popped the ring on Cait's nose as they snuggled on the couch one day in their apartment. So perfectly and beautifully them! I loved being invited into their home to create these images, and I was so excited to capture the things that make their space uniquely theirs from the quote above the dining table that is Andy's family motto/blessing, to making tea together, their community inspired interactive art project and they made that dining table themselves! We ended the session with a drizzly walk in Wright Park just a couple of blocks from their place. A perfectly intimate PNW engagement session. Congratulations you two, I'm excited to see your love continue to grow together!

Carroll Family, Tacoma Lifestyle Photography

This family is SO MUCH FUN. Three of these beautiful humans (including that little one, Ellis) moved recently to be closer to family, so before they went we just had to fit in a session at the beautiful Point Defiance Park. It's one of my favorite Tacoma locations for couples and family photography, there is lots to keep kids engaged and burning off energy plus gorgeous locations in the gardens, woods and down by the beach. 

I miss J, Ellis and Trish so much but looking through these again for the blog just fills my heart with love to bursting! That little human doesn't give his smiles easily, so at the end of the session when he bestowed one upon me I got all kinds of teary eyed. Thank you so much Ximena for setting up this shoot for your family, it was an honor to capture all the love you share with each other.