Cait & Andy, Tacoma Intimate In-home Engagement

I was thrilled with Cait and Andy announced their engagement! Since I've known them they've both been waiting for that perfect moment when one of them would propose. I totally thought it would be Cait, but Andy popped the ring on Cait's nose as they snuggled on the couch one day in their apartment. So perfectly and beautifully them! I loved being invited into their home to create these images, and I was so excited to capture the things that make their space uniquely theirs from the quote above the dining table that is Andy's family motto/blessing, to making tea together, their community inspired interactive art project and they made that dining table themselves! We ended the session with a drizzly walk in Wright Park just a couple of blocks from their place. A perfectly intimate PNW engagement session. Congratulations you two, I'm excited to see your love continue to grow together!