Vos Family, Adventure Day Storytelling Fifth Birthday

Happy birthday Arlo! Documentary lifestyle sessions are probably my favorite way to capture a family. They’re longer than most portrait sessions, and are just about your family being who you are. For the Vos family it was ALL about Arlo and celebrating his birthday! We started out at Cupcake Royal on Queen Anne, hit up the salon around the corner to tame that gorgeous red mop on top of his head, then picked up his dad for the family to have lunch and take the monorail to the Space Needle. Eames tried to steal the show with those chubby cheeks and sweet smile of his.

If you would like an Adventure Storytelling session of your own to capture your family in all the messy imperfections of daily life please shoot me an email at kendall@kendalllauren.com or use the contact form up at the top of the page. I’m going to be offering just two of these types of sessions a month and you can choose from a “short story” session or an “adventure day” session depending on how long you’d like me to spend with you. All of these sessions include a beautiful book with Fuji deep matte paper so you can hold these images in your hands!

Thank you so much to the Vos Family for being the first to have me join them for an Adventure Day Storytelling session- it was truly my pleasure!




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