Giving Back | Sea Change: A Feminist Movie Party

If you’re a feminist in Seattle you might have heard of the Feminist Drinking Club. We hang out, talk about equality & how to dismantle the patriarchy over vegan food & drinks. It’s pretty awesome. In February the club hosted a fundraiser to benefit the CAIR Project which helps people pay for their abortion services, travel from out of state when necessary etc. We screened the movie Vessel at Central Cinema in Seattle, raffled off some awesome prizes and ate the best of the cinema’s vegan menu. I had the pleasure of photographing the event as well as donating a session for the raffle! Below the images check out some statistics about abortion & the CAIR project as well as a link to donate! All in all the party raised¬† $3590 to help people obtain this life altering necessary medial treatment! Thank you to everyone who came & helped us make such a huge impact for those needing help from the CAIR Project!


From the event page: In Vessel you’ll witness the creation of an underground network of emboldened, informed activists, working at the cutting edge of global reproductive rights, who trust women to handle abortion themselves. Check out the trailer at:

The CAIR Project, the Pacific Northwest’s abortion fund, relies on the generosity of those who can share to help those who are failed by our Federal healthcare system and can’t afford legal, safe abortion care. They are a 501(c)3 nonprofit that operates a toll-free hotline staffed by trained and compassionate volunteer advocates. They provide accurate, non-biased information and referrals, as well as financial help in the form of grants for abortion services. No woman should be forced to be pregnant, forced into motherhood, or forced to beg for help just because she is not wealthy. We are proud to support The CAIR Project and let the women who they help know that they are NOT ALONE. If you can’t make this event, but would like to support them, please go right now to and donate directly.

If you want to know more about the people who are being helped by the fund check out stories of grant recipients here:


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