Everett Breastfeeding Session | Ashley & Lovelyn in Studio

I love breast feeding sessions so much. As a low-supply mom who struggled with breast feeding from the get-go I have a very special place in my heart for how much moms who make breast feeding work for even a short while are putting into it. So much love & time go into sustaining our babies from the breast. Breast feeding might be natural, but it’s definitely not easy! Ashley has nursed all her babies for varying amounts of time, Lovelyn is her fourth child & third daughter. I was so happy when she asked me if I could photograph this special bond between the two of them. Thank you Ashley for trusting me to be your photographer for you & Lovelyn, I hope you treasure these images for many years!



Interested in a session for yourself to commemorate the breast feeding bond? Get in touch today via the contact form up at the top of the page or click HERE! I offer a discount to low-supply moms, lets share what your journey looks like to raise awareness & visibility of all the beautiful ways in which we feed our babies.

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